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What insurance do you need to travel abroad?

While going on vacation outside the country, many tourists decide to reduce mandatory costs. And if you do this by buying transport tickets or choosing a cheaper hotel abroad, it is not always possible, then you can refuse to purchase insurance in almost all cases. Will such a decision be correct? How significant is the purchase of travel insurance? And if you still need to buy it – what insurance do you need to travel abroad?

What insurance do you need
What insurance do you need to travel abroad? (Image Credit: The LEAF Project via Flickr, Public Domain)

Excessive waste or the opportunity to protect yourself: insurance abroad

So, the first question to which you should look for the answer – why do you need travel insurance.

Any trip outside the country is associated with the execution of a whole package of documents. If the destination is the state of the Schengen zone, you will definitely have to draw up an insurance policy, otherwise, vacation plans will need to be changed. If you fly to America or Canada – you can refuse insurance. It is in such situations that the question arises – to spend a considerable amount or leave it for other, more tangible expenses.

There are several reasons to buy insurance:

  • in a foreign country, finding a medical clinic suitable for all parameters is not so easy;
  • when the hospital is found – get ready to shell out a few hundred dollars for maintenance (and this is the best option);
  • remember – even a simple malaise when changing living conditions (which is a trip to distant lands) requires a medical examination;
  • anything can happen in a foreign land – from difficult acclimatization and deterioration of well-being to serious injuries.

It is important to understand that the absence of insurance is not a crime (if a visit to the country allows the absence of this document). But its presence is your defense against the prejudice of doctors, employees of various public services, etc. persons interested in your money. The decision was made and it remains to find out another secret that insurance covers for going abroad – which is part of the policy.

What can be insurance for traveling abroad

By contacting a company that provides assistance in obtaining insurance policies for traveling abroad, you will receive complete information about the services provided. The difficulty in choosing insurance may lie in the fact that the tourist does not know in advance what circumstances he will face abroad. And it is precisely this situation that suggests the idea that the optimal answer to the question “ How to choose insurance for traveling abroad?” It will be a detailed study of all the proposed options.

Travel insurance includes:

  • medical assistance – covering the costs of visiting a doctor, examining, passing tests, undergoing medical procedures, as well as reimbursing expenses for calling an ambulance;
  • help in unforeseen situations – covering expenses in case of injuries during the rest – diving, surfing, walking in the mountains, etc .;
  • a guarantee of protection in case of force majeure and natural disasters – compensation for medical expenses in cases of health complications due to hurricanes, floods, and other natural disasters;
  • assistance in case of difficulties due to automobile excesses – covering the costs of solving problems encountered in traffic situations;
  • protection in non-standard situations during the trip – the return of financial investments in the purchase of tickets, rent, reservation, if the inability to use the purchase arose through no fault of the tourist.

Loss of luggage, changes in travel arrangements, road accidents abroad, injuries sustained during the rest, common colds and treatment of a fever – any of the situations entails considerable expenses. In time, taking care of the acquisition of the insurance policy, you will be able to avoid unnecessary (rather big, besides) costs.

How much is insurance for traveling abroad?

The issue of price is always one of the decisive factors when deciding on the acquisition of an insurance policy. How to make insurance for traveling abroad not for all the money in the world?

Spend quite a bit of time researching offers from companies that provide policy services. Discuss the conditions of cooperation with the operator of the company, find out how much full and partial insurance costs, how much compensation they guarantee, in what situations they “work out”. Only by weighing all the information received you can make the right choice. Remember – it doesn’t matter how much insurance costs. It is much more important to understand what exactly its acquisition will give you and how justified the costs will be if you need to use the policy.

Consider factors such as:

  • features of the country you are traveling to;
  • desire to bring extreme travel;
  • classes on a trip with outdoor activities, extreme sports;
  • specifics of food at the destination;
  • the cost of basic medical services in the country.

So, for example, in Thailand, you will have to pay from $50 for visiting the therapists. Treatment of dengue fever, which is usual for these parts of the world, will cost almost 4 thousand dollars (including a doctor’s appointment, payment of the compulsory ward and treatment).

Making an X-ray and treating a fracture in Cyprus costs about $1,000. Taking a blood test in Spain is also not cheap – from a finger $20, from a vein – already 150 conventional units. As you can see, and in some cases insurance, which will cover such rather big expenses, is still necessary. And to buy it at home will cost much cheaper than paying for treatment abroad.

Do I need insurance to travel abroad for children?

If you travel with children on a trip – insurance becomes mandatory points of preparation for the trip! You can risk your health, but are you willing to risk the health of the child for the sake of the economy? In this case, it’s not about choosing to buy – not buying, but about which insurance is better for children.

Choose a policy that guarantees the provision of quick and effective help to the baby without unnecessary paperwork and bickering with an insurance agency. The most popular insurance policies for children include not only general insured events but also help get help with sunburn, allergies, exacerbations of chronic diseases, as well as use the services of a dentist. Look for options where you can arrange insurance for the whole family to travel abroad that will satisfy your most stringent requirements.

Is insurance required for traveling abroad for a short period?

Often doubts about the need to purchase an insurance policy arise due to vacation periods. “We are going for only two days – what can happen?” Is it necessary to take out insurance if the trip is planned for a short time? If financial opportunities allow – it’s better to buy a policy. Moreover, no one is safe from force majeure situations even at the current moment, and anything can happen in a foreign country in a few hours! The only thing that will help reduce the cost of buying a policy is the lack of the need to purchase “additional insurance options”. So, you can reduce costs, for example, if you are sure that the risk of injuries during extreme holidays or because of acquaintance with exotic cuisine is excluded.

What should a tourist know? The issued insurance policy can be presented both in paper and in electronic form. Choose the one that will be more convenient to use.

Prefer the option of a policy with a contract with a medical center (hospital, clinic) located near your hotel. To get to an unfamiliar city in another area will be problematic, especially if the help of a doctor is needed immediately.

Be sure to find out what percentage of expenses the company compensates. Choose the most profitable option.

Using insurance abroad is easy. If you need to use the policy, contact a service company that will contact you with the specialist you are looking for and will consult you on getting medical services. In emergency situations, you can seek medical help without the intervention of an operator. But in this case, a health insurance policy should be at your fingertips.

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