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Importance of Studying English Language

English has ranked third in the list of the most spoken languages in the world. Yet, we cannot think of a single day without using the language. It is actually the official language of the globalized world we are living in. And here lies the importance of studying English Language. As we will see later, English has several implications especially in the world of work, business and computing.

Importance of Studying English Language
It is important to study the English Language

A Brief History of the English Language

English is born in the northern part of Europe. This language has Germanic roots too. It is a language that is later established and developed in Great Britain. It is this nation, from its beginnings, responsible for dispersing English to the world, through its colonies.

With respect to the history of the English language, it can be said that this is born in the British Isles, between the tribes of Germania, what is now northern Germany. This is due to the fact that in the year 449 AD, the king of the British Isles, asked the help of the Germanic tribes, the Angles, the Saxons and Jutes, to get rid of another nearby town. This is how these tribes settled in the British Isles and gave way to the Anglo-Saxon language or as it is known today, the English language.

Later, with the arrival of the Normans in England, at the beginning of the 11th century, the English language was enriched. Since the French, several words migrated to Anglo-Saxon that was initially spoken.

The English language, which is currently spoken, was born at the time when the British writer William Shakespeare, began to become famous. We are talking, late sixteenth century and early seventeenth century.

Today, more than 400 million people speak English as their mother tongue. The number will increase if take into consideration the countries who are using English as their second or official language.

The reasons behind the importance of studying English Language

The importance of studying English Language, however, is mostly due to the fact that it is the mother tongue of two major powers of the world. We are talking about England and the United States. England with its colonial rule over the world, and the United States, after its intervention in the First World War, has been imposing the use of English throughout the world. And the fact is that the two nations in question are the true world powers for several decades. Not only economically but also with its military power, the United States (first world economy) with its language and cultures have been penetrating diverse nations. Similarly, in military, political and scientific spheres, both nations are leading from the front. And these are the reasons how, little by little, English has become important in the world order.

The United States and England are now dominating the business of the world. And it is because of this that English has become the universal or international language. We cannot even think of international business without knowledge of English. Every time you want to make a business with a company from another country, where both languages ​​are different, English will be the language to use, to be understood.

Moreover, nowadays, to be able to access certain jobs, it is essential to speak English. There are even studies, which indicate that people, who can speak English, get 30% more salary than those who do not handle it.

Knowledge of English can be the difference between closing or not closing a business, getting or not getting a job and finally, being able to earn a better salary than the rest, within the same company. Besides, most of the important scientific studies and texts are written in this language. And why talk only about computing, all the terms and the documentation of all the electronic devices we use are in English.

Use of English in Technology

English is the dominant language in technology. It is extremely important for computing which is the primary component for connectivity. It is true that most of the applications for users today are available in other languages, many sub-applications and lesser known programs are available in the market only in English. In the world of the Internet, the amount of information in English exceeds many times the information available to all other languages. For those who enter deeper into the field of computer science and programming, this language becomes indispensable. In order to fully understand all the commands and the jargon in general, the knowledge of English is indispensable.

It is that powerful, the process of globalization that we are experiencing. Therefore, it is no longer debated whether it is important or not to study the English language. It is simply taken as a premise. And it is that, the organizations and countries that have designed and carry out the process of globalization, have as their mother tongue or working language, English.

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