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How much does it cost for a summer Italy tour?

The question of how much does it cost for a tour to Italy in the summer is not so simple. It would seem that the answer is obvious: in the summer, in Italy – it means you are going to any sea beach. But this does not simplify the task. Italy is famous for its sea resorts. The choice is huge, and it is not limited to Rimini alone, which any tourist who has ever thought about a beach holiday in Italy has probably heard about. But the cost is important.

summer Italy Tour
Planning a summer Italy Tour

Apply some tricks to minimize cost

It is true. To travel it is necessary to have time and money. And yes, I’ll advise you, before a summer Italy tour, to take a look at the web page to see the best deals on the market. It is not surprising that if you read the travel guide and add the offers that you can find on the web, you will have a perfect holiday in Italy. Also, read the travel guide to improve your Italian and it will teach you some tricks to travel that never heard. But the most important question is: How much does it cost to travel to Italy?

A summer Italy tour or anywhere in the world, as is obvious, will depend on your budget. Do not worry if you do not have too much money, you can travel and visit the country without problems. We give you some tips quickly so you do not worry too much.

Free tips for your summer Italy tour

First advice, you should know that the south usually costs much more than the north and evidently, the tourist cities shoot their prices are high during summer. It is not the same as trips to Milan, Palermo or Florence. The high season is between the months of June to August, the low season that includes from December to February are better at the price level but, the weather at that time, will not be the maximum. The middle season includes the spring and autumn months. That is, from March to May and from September to November. The latter is the most advisable to the proportion of climate and prices.

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Second advice, you must take into account at what time you want to travel to Italy. This is very important because if you make the trip in high season, prices would skyrocket while in the low season, they decrease considerably. Also, you must bear in mind that, the more you go south, your budget will yield much more than in the north. The same happens in countries like Spain. The south is usually cheaper and the north more expensive.

Third advice is that you have health insurance as a precaution. Prevention is better than cure. For us, it is essential to be able to travel as calmly as possible since, having to pay the expenses of the use of health abroad, many times, it becomes a problem.

The cost for a summer Italy tour

And now the question you were waiting for. How much does it cost for a summer Italy tour of 4 days? Keep in mind that these are indicative data but if you travel to Florence you will spend an average per person of $80 per day. In other words, 4 days in Florence will cost you around $320 without including the flight. On the other hand, Rome will cost about $75 per day per person so you will need $300 to spend 4 days in one of the most important cities in the world at the historical level. Finally, Palermo, being one of the southernmost cities in Italy, will cost you only $50 per day, so 4 days will cost you less than $200.

So, you have no excuse. You can save a little money to make this summer Italy tour and enjoy the experience. We are sure that you will love Italy and you will visit it again. Do not stay with desire. Have a good trip.

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