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How do you know you’re in love with a guy?

Love is the brightest and most magical feeling that helps us to forget about any life troubles. After meeting and meeting a guy, many of us think: I am already in love with him or is it still sympathy. How to recognize this wonderful feeling? How do you know you’re in love with a guy?

How do you know you're in love
How do you know you’re in love

Your mood will tell you

We offer to evaluate your feelings towards the young man, and if they are present in your life, most likely, you really fell in love:

  • The constant desire to see again. It seems to you that you could spend all your free time with this person. In this case, you fear meeting. It usually happens during the early stages of love. A strange feeling is the first “bell” on the way to great love.
  • You always want to talk about the object of passion with friends and relatives. In any conversation, you remember the guy, what he told you, how he looked, how he reacted to your phrase. If someone asks you about it, you can involuntarily feel shy.
  • You often smile and are in high spirits all day. Even if things are not going well at work or at school, it now worries you a little. You know that there is a person who will support in a difficult situation, it calms you down and gives great hope for happiness.
  • Waking up wild jealousy. If earlier you didn’t care who your friend communicates with, who is on his social media friends, now you are intensely interested in his surroundings in the person of the fair sex. When you see your beloved in the company of girls, inside there is a burning feeling of jealousy. Congratulations, almost 100% you are in love.
  • Can’t stop thinking about him. Thoughts about a guy arise in the head immediately after waking up and do not leave you until the very night. You think about the lovely at home, at work, at the university, in transport, on a visit, on a walk – everywhere, and sometimes it gets in the way. Try not to be distracted by falling in love with truly important things, because falling in love can end as quickly as it started, but you will have to deal with problems anyway.
  • Sleep disrupted. Sometimes you can wake up at night, unconsciously remembering about the object of your love, or you cannot sleep for a long time because of the excited state at the thought of the guy you like. At the same time in the morning,  you feel great, despite the fact that there was not enough sleep. You are spiritualized and do not notice fatigue.
  • You have become romantic. Even if this character trait is not peculiar to you, when love is born, you become soft and vulnerable. A romantic mood appears – in your fantasies you are transported with your beloved to beautiful places, for example, to a cozy park, to the alluring sea coast and so on.

The above signs will help you understand that you really fell in love. But there are still moments that will help you understand your own feelings.

How do you know you’re in love with a guy?

You definitely fell in love if you notice a change in your behavior. A girl in love, if her behavior was different from the usual:

  • I want to always look attractive. If earlier you could go outside and not made up in an old tracksuit, now everything has changed. You dress up for any reason, and especially to meet your beloved man. The desire to be beautiful is always beautiful, so keep looking after you. Buy beautiful clothes, make masks for your face, go in for sports, take care of your hair – your chosen one will certainly like it.
  • Girlfriends and relatives notice that you began to look different. You shine just like that: there is a happy smile on your face, an elated mood, you are active and cheerful. All this is due to the warm feeling that has settled in your heart.
  • Do everything in order to learn about the subject of love as much as possible. When a guy who you like appears, you want to know everything about his life, habits, and hobbies. Are you looking for information of interest on the Internet, asking about a man from friends, making a la “dossier”. The more you learn about your beloved, the more it attracts you. It’s fine!
  • You are looking for a meeting with a guy. Even if you didn’t agree on a date, you come up with different ways supposedly by chance to catch his eye. At the same time,  you wear bright clothes so that he will pay attention to you. You can even use forbidden tricks, for example, wear a short skirt, and make an unusual hairstyle or makeup. But you should be careful of overdoing it.
  • On dates,  you say out of place. If the guy really likes it, your brain doesn’t always work adequately. It happens, you say some nonsense, and then, analyzing, you will not understand why you put it that way. As if it was not you, but a completely different person. Or, on the contrary, next to the object of desires you stand stubborn and cannot say a word, just smile and that’s it. This is also a clear sign that you really fell in love.
  • In each of his phrases, you see a special meaning. It seems to you that he speaks the sweetest words in the world. Be careful, often against the background of the love of a woman, they hear not what they really are. If the guy is not yet in love with you, then you may be seriously disappointed, because you have already invented everything for him: the wedding, and the family and four children.
  • It seems to you that he is your destiny and all the events happening around you only lead to him. You found out who he is by horoscope, checked compatibility, plan a future life together. Take your time, because not all men are good. This is the first stage of real love, wait for your feelings to subside a bit, and take a sober look at the situation.
  • You find perfection in him. Lovers of women idealize the man they like, noticing only the good sides. Even if someone says negative things about your companion, you do not want to hear them, because for you it is absolute perfection.

How do you know you’re in love with a guy: signs

Let’s try to figure out what is happening between you – a passing passion or is it true love, which is written in books. How do you know you’re in love with a guy? Key features:

  • True feeling is devoid of selfishness – you want to give love more than you get in return. There is no place for selfish reasons, you only think about how to make another person happy.
  • The woman in love does not believe the rumors and gossip that she finds out about her boyfriend from mutual friends. Love is not a hindrance extra criticism from girlfriends, you are confident in your chosen one and trust him 100%.
  • When a beloved man has everyday difficulties, you are in a hurry to help him, even if you know that you cannot drastically influence the situation.
  • If you are in love, you consider the desires of the partner. Sometimes girls in love forget about their own dreams and completely switch to the wave of a young man.
  • If love is true, then it does not appear immediately. Love at first sight, is not for long. So a fleeting passion is born, nothing serious. Truly strong relationships are built gradually, going through all stages of love, from dating to conscientious life. To find out a partner you need step by step, each time reinforcing a good opinion about the chosen one.

Love test

Finally, in order to get the answer to the question of how do you know you’re in love – we offer to take a short test to make sure and understand that you really fell in love:

1. How many do you think are in love?

  • One;
  • Two or three;
  • Lots of;
  • Love does not exist.

2. Do you know what a guy does without you?

  • I always know;
  • I make him report on all matters;
  • I do not bother.

3. What do you choose: marriage of convenience or love?

  • Of course, for love;
  • Watching what I will have in life;
  • Everything in bits.

4. Do you need romance?

  • And what about without it;
  • Walking under the moon is not for me;
  • It is possible without it.

5. Are you ready for anything to make him happy?

  • Absolutely everything;
  • I myself want to be happy;
  • No, I’m not going to do anything.

If in most of the test questions you have chosen the first answer, you are in love in full!


You must have already got the answer to the question of how do you know you’re in love with a guy. And you learned about the basic signs of true love. What do you think is she? If you recognize yourself in many of the first points of our test, it means that you have fallen in love with a guy. Congratulations! Be sure to let the young man know that he is not indifferent to you – give a hint or directly tell about your feelings. We hope that this is mutual between you. Now the main thing is to extend the magical moment and do not spoil anything. If you could understand that you truly fell in love, then act. Good luck to you!

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