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Autonomous cars: a very near future

Autonomous cars

Autonomous cars are becoming a reality. There is less and less time before various vehicles with autonomous control systems begin to surround us en masse. According to the forecast, by 2030 more than half of the cars in the world will be equipped with an autopilot system. So the hour …

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Li-fi: the new wireless technology

new wireless technology

Telecommunications are constantly innovating to offer increasingly powerful and effective solutions for users, as well as for the tools necessary for their management. One of those new technologies that have emerged is the Li-fi (Light Fidelity) technology. This is the new wireless technology for telecommunications. It is fast and low …

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6 main directions in modern cosmology

Modern cosmology

The cosmology that has developed over the past centuries has responded to many questions that did not have answers. The possibility of life on other planets, the formation of stars or the situation of the Earth in an infinite universe are few of those. Theoretical cosmologists work, perhaps, with all …

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Intel Ice Lake chips for new laptops

Intel Ice Lake Chips

Releasing 11 new Intel Ice Lake chips, the company has relied on graphics components. The company claims that representatives of the new 10th generation Core processor family have the best-integrated graphics among all thin and light laptops. Intel has released Ice Lake Processor Starting from May 2019, the company has …

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Simple eye anatomy and physiology

human eye

Our eyes are in effect our windows on the world – it is through these complex sensory organs that the brain receives much of its information about the outside environment. But how much do we know about eye anatomy and physiology! It is worth detailing the constituent parts, and their …

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What is the scientific method all about?

Scientific Method

All empirical science is based on the use of the scientific method. It is through this that the empirical sciences have developed consistently throughout history and have become what they are today. And we point to the empirical sciences given that sometimes we talk about science to refer to disciplines …

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