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15 things to do after car accident

Think carefully after car accident

Oh no, that can’t be! – you exclaim at the moment when you realize that you were in a car accident. You refuse to believe, you are shocked. But it happened. And what you do next will depend on whether the world changes for you for the better. So, what …

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Hiding assets in bankruptcy are bad idea

Hiding assets in bankruptcy

Hiding assets in bankruptcy is really a bad idea. But people often try to hide assets while filing the petition. Better you contact a bankruptcy lawyer before doing anything nonsense. According to the law, when filing a bankruptcy petition, the applicant is obliged to provide full information about the assets …

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Protect your intellectual property rights

intellectual property rights

For the author, there is no greater insult than plagiarism and theft of his ideas. Jewelry can be locked in a safe. Money can be put in a bank. But how to protect the intangible result of intellectual work? Let’s talk about ways to protect intellectual property rights or IPR …

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Why do you need a personal lawyer?

Reasons to get a personal lawyer

Seeking legal assistance is a step that many people are still reluctant to take. Not everyone has a personal lawyer. Many people do not even know where to call in a situation where it is necessary to defend their rights. Even if reading codes and legal acts is your long-standing …

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