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Chinese New Year: What should you know?

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is approaching and will come on January 25th. A quarter of the world’s population celebrates this event. Traditionally, this is the Spring Festival, people celebrate spring, nature awakens, and the earth and the sprouts of life stored by it come to life. It is a celebration of …

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Machu Picchu – My Travel Experience

Machu Picchu

It is simply amazing how many beauties exist on our planet. Given the general awareness, sometimes it seems that you know everything about everything. Well, at least about the most famous and vivid miracles, for sure. It turns out that this is not so at all. Until the moment I …

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8 steps to buying a used car: procedure

steps to buying a used car

According to statistics, about 40 million used cars purchased in the USA in 2018 increased by 11%. In 2018, this figure continues to grow. Such interest of fellow citizens in the secondary market of the automotive industry is due to the fact that a used car is much cheaper than …

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Accident insurance – whether it is worth it

is accident insurance worth it

Unfortunately, no one is safe from an accident. But to mitigate the severity of its financial consequences, insurance is possible. Accident insurance is relevant especially if you are going on a trip and take your children with you. Of course, there is accident insurance for ordinary life. But it is …

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Car rental tips for New York City

Car rental in New York

Car rental experience in New York City is not always pretty. Everyday life and special occasions give us a lot of reasons to rent a car. Everyone has to deal with such a problem at least once in a lifetime. The number of cars, rental offices and rental options in …

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10 things to do after buying a used car

after buying a used car

Each motorist asks questions: What to do after buying a used car? How to check? Who to contact? What to update? What is important to consider? In this article, I’ll try to have your attention to 10 important things you should do after buying a used car. Technical inspection after …

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Personal accident and injury insurance

personal accident and injury insurance

Personal accident and injury insurance provide material support to the insured, as well as his family and loved ones in unforeseen circumstances. The insurance amount can be chosen independently, depending on the level of income, and on how much your life and professional activity are at risk. If the sole …

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A Visit to the World’s Largest Walnut Forest

walnut forest

In the valley of the Kyrgyz mountain range Chatkal, the village of Arslanbob is spread – the birthplace of the world’s largest natural walnut forest, a legend whose truth is harder to split than the nuts themselves. “This is a secret,” says guide Roma Tokhtarov. – In Soviet times, the …

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