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Car rental tips for New York City

Car rental experience in New York City is not always pretty. Everyday life and special occasions give us a lot of reasons to rent a car. Everyone has to deal with such a problem at least once in a lifetime. The number of cars, rental offices and rental options in New York are quite large. Car rental market is somewhat confusing and sometimes you overpay out of ignorance. You need to know the average market prices for the service and clearly define for yourself the requirements for the rental company.

Car rental in New York
Car renting is not always easy in New York

Let’s look at the offers of the car rental market of the largest city:

Where to rent a car?

Offices of rental offices can be found:

  • at large transport hubs – at airports,
  • at railway and bus stations;
  • in the central areas of the city, where the concentration of tourists is high;
  • at large hotels;
  • in the offices of car dealers;
  • at sleeping areas near major highways.

Also, car rental services can be provided when ordering events at event agencies. The Internet will help you easily find the nearest rental office, find out all the conditions you are interested in and make a choice in favor of a particular company. In addition to prices, it is worth paying attention to customer reviews, market experience, and the proposed fleet.

Car rental cost

The rental price of a car depends on it’s class, length of rental period and pricing policy of the company. In addition to rent, in some cases, a deposit is required for the car. You have to pay the local taxes and other fees also. You will find rental cost as low as $9 per day on the internet. But the real fact is different.

Among private individuals, car rental is most in demand, which varies in comfort classes. The most comfortable cars are expensive both when buying and when renting. Depending on your goals, you can rent a car of economy class, middle class, business class or luxury. Economy class is usually chosen for everyday use or for short trips outside the city. Luxury class cars are suitable for celebrations and business trips.

Economy class. This class includes domestic cars and inexpensive foreign cars with mechanical or automatic transmission and an engine displacement of about 1.5 liters. Economy class car rental will cost you from $50 per day. They can become a profitable taxi replacement in case of a large number of trips around the city during the day, often rented for long periods by small companies as a corporate transport.

Middle class. This class includes more reliable and comfortable foreign cars with a manual or automatic transmission and an engine capacity of about 1.5 liters. Their rent costs from $75 rubles per day.

Business Class. These machines successfully perform representative tasks, becoming an element of the image of an individual or company. They combine high comfort, elegance, and practicality. They are rented for the organization of celebrations, excursions and business programs, responsible meetings. Business-class cars have an automatic transmission and an engine capacity of 2-6 liters. Rental price – starts from $75 per day. Such cars are often rented with a driver for several hours. In this case, payment is set hourly. The minimum rental time is two to three hours.

Luxury class. Cars of this class, as a rule, are rented with a driver and are used exclusively for representative purposes when organizing celebrations. The interior of the luxury car is spacious and elegantly decorated. Renting a luxury car for a day will cost you $650 to $2500 a day depending on the car brand. For example, a Ferrari 488 will cost you $2200 a day.

Lease terms are a key factor in pricing

The cost of a car rental depends not only on its class, brand and year of manufacture. The following conditions will affect pricing:

  • rental period: the longer it is, the lower the tariff;
  • the territory of operation: if you plan a long trip or travel abroad, you should leave a deposit for the car at least $150;
  • rental purpose: for weddings and other special occasions, meetings at the airport or train station, trips outside the city and region margins can be set;
  • the need for driver services. In this case, the price will include payment for the services of a personal chauffeur;
  • driving experience and age of the client. For drivers under the age of 21 and with little driving experience, the fare may be increased;
  • daily mileage. As a rule, restrictions on vehicle mileage are set, if exceeded, an additional fee is charged.

If you plan to rent cars with the right to buy, the payment terms will be determined individually. They will be affected not only by the rental period but also by the amount of compulsory car insurance, as well as the conditions of repair and maintenance during the rental.

Lease agreement: a pedantic approach to the issue – an adequate price guarantee

To rent a car, you must sign a contract with a rental office. The text of the contract details all the conditions under which the client receives the car, as well as the rental period. Moreover, the contract must be accompanied by acts of the car’s transfer and acceptance, in which its condition is recorded at the beginning and at the end of the rental period.

If the client violates the terms and/or terms of the lease, penalties may be applied to him. It may also be required to compensate for damage caused to the car during the rental period. In this regard, when renting a car, it is necessary to carefully check it, to clarify the availability of insurance, to make sure that the tariffs and terms of the lease are correct. The delivery of the car should be carried out in its pure form and with the same level of fuel in the tank, which was filled into it upon receipt.

New York provides many opportunities for renting a car for any class. You should not make any mistake with the choice of a rental office. I suggest you not contact the first place you come across. It is better checking all the offers of the capital market, the conditions and pricing policies of various car lessors.

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