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Best Business Applications: Types and Features

Managing a company, whether it is just a start-up startup or a long-established sustainable business, requires a lot of effort and time. And even the most successful business owner with excellent time management skills and memory, like a supercomputer, cannot simultaneously control each of hundreds of business processes. You must choose the best business applications to meet market demands.

business applications
Best business applications for best performance

Applications come to the rescue that allows you to plan the course of events, communicate with clients and colleagues, set specific tasks for the team and track their implementation.

Classes of business applications: for every taste and color

Few will refuse a personal assistant who can be entrusted with the organization and control of responsible projects. Demand creates supply: there are many applications on the market designed to automate business. They vary in cost (from simple and free to premium IT products), interface (from concise to loaded with visual details), as well as in basic functionality, that is, a set of options for optimizing business tasks.

By the principle of functionality, useful applications for business can be divided into:

Services for setting and monitoring tasks, or planners

The most popular examples of business applications of this kind are Bitrix24 (allows you to plan a working day, individual projects and chains of events), Trello (an online board that hosts dozens of tasks and processes in parallel), Basecamp (an online mechanism combining the management function projects and a platform for communication between members of the working group), Asana (a customizable system of IT tools for business). To simplify the lives of users and the possibility of combining work on projects, letters, photographs and all kinds of documents, the search giant service, the Google Tasks glider, is also designed. This also includes Wrike, Todoist, Hootsuite’s, Redmine, Teambox, Jira and other popular planning services. Each of the services has its own characteristics.

Remote Access Services

This is a real salvation for those who store all the most important on a working computer but often work outside the office, for example, due to business trips. One of the most famous applications of this type is TeamViewer. Ammyy Admin, AnyDesk, AeroAdmin, a product from the Chrome browser, Chrome Remote Desktop, also deserved a positive reputation among applications that provide communication between a specific computer and a user located at a considerable distance from it (possibly even on a different continent).

Services of notes and reminders of relevant information

This is a decent IT alternative to stickers on the computer screen and cork boards with buttons. Using such programs, you can keep mini-diaries and to-do lists, bookmark publications on the Internet, save and quickly view information. The most popular note services are Google Keep, Evernote, Microsoft OneNote, Simplenote, and Nimbus Note.

Services for communication

Business communication is an integral and, one might say, the main part of the business. Efficiency plays a big role here. Messengers come to the rescue, providing the possibility of instant messaging, with the functions of online conferences, audio and/or video calls, supporting the transfer of files of different formats. Communication applications include Skype, Cisco Jabber, Slack, HipChat, MobileDay, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp.

Profile services, advisory or informational applications for business

These “helpers” are designed to meet the needs of certain professions. This group includes an application for tracking the exchange rate of currencies and stocks of MyStocks companies, the help legal system “Consultant Plus”, “Remote Accountant”, “VAT Calculator”. The main users of specialized services are lawyers, accountants, sales managers.

Thus, many work tasks can be simplified with business applications. Their range in the modern market is really impressive. It is worth noting that some of the above developments operate only on laptops and desktops, but most applications are adapted for mobile devices.

Top 9, -10, -25 business applications for Android and iOS

Choosing a mobile application for a business that will be optimal for a particular company can be experienced. Another option is to study the reviews and ratings of experts who regularly test and compare similar products. The Internet is replete with “tops” of business applications for Android and iOS.

But it’s important to understand that such reviews are not always professional. Ratings can be biased or simply superficial, when the advantages of minor options are highlighted, and, for example, software security issues are completely ignored. Some “tops” are compiled on the basis of customer surveys, which, on the one hand, presupposes objectivity, but on the other hand, leaves the sample representative behind the scenes, that is, the opinion of the respondents may not coincide with the position of the total mass of users.

Here is a selection of several “tops” – an occasion to think.

For example, New Retail, in its top ten “Best Applications for Effective Work according to Entrepreneurs,” offers online salad media from planners, communication applications, cloud storage, and so on. Judge for how objectively these products are in one row.

The business magazine Zhazhda also created the Top 10 Mobile Applications for Entrepreneurs, which coincides with the Top 10 from New Retail in only one position, which deals with the convenience of communicating via Skype.

A feminine look at business applications for the iPhone is offered by the WoMo community. The top 25 best free “apple” applications include five products for planning, organizing meetings, taking notes, posting and relaxation (for example, listening to music). At the same time, the female community undeservedly deprived the attention of communication services: apparently, business mothers prefer to make time for communication live or by phone.

At the same time, the top 9 best business applications for Android include two communication services, two clouds, two schedulers, a remote access service, an application for notes and a share price informer.

A completely different set of Android applications is offered by Artjoker, which has a mobile pdf scanner, a calendar planner and an electronic signature service next to Google Drive and Basecamp.

How to choose the best business applications

Sometimes such dozens and twenty of the “best” applications are compiled so illogically and one-sidedly that it seems as if the rating author simply rewrote the names of services whose icons are on his smartphone.

Evgeny Rozin, a leading business analyst at Artezio, a Canadian company specializing in software development, expressed the following opinion: “The choice of instant messengers is usually tied to specific solutions. For example, HipChat is great for Jira users and Skype for those who work with Microsoft Office, Hangouts for users of corporate Gmail. In some countries, one or another top 10 instant messengers for business may not be relevant at all: it all depends on the import substitution policy and information security standards. For example, some large companies are developing their own communication applications in order to minimize the risks of using the products of foreign companies. ” Thus, focusing on tops is not always reasonable.

Corporate mobile application as a concept: the example of one KSS

Information security is especially relevant in the era of cyberwars at the level of national governments. In addition, there is a risk of not only foreign but also domestic hacker attacks on accounts and other commercial data of the company.

Corporate social networks (KSS) can provide information security – one application that can replace online planners, communication, information and other applications for doing business. An equally important advantage of corporate social networks is the ability to unite employees into a team, create a comfortable atmosphere for business and interpersonal communication.

The domestic development of Loqui Business is a vivid example of such a service. Using the application it is convenient to organize conferences, lectures, seminars, as well as such pleasant non-working processes as corporate parties and birthdays. Loqui Business helps establish communication both within a small company and at the corporate level with a large number of branches and divisions.

Loqui Business successfully combines elements of a corporate portal and a social network. Here you can start thematic communities, exchange news, build routes. Employees of a company using KSS interact in a comfortable environment, calmly solve private issues, including household ones (for example, they buy personal items from each other) without prejudice to the work process. The application integrates with corporate portals and workflow systems, which provides employees with convenient access to work files.

One of the advantages of Loqui Business is the ability to customize, that is, individualize KSS to the needs of the client.


With the help of business applications, you can perform work faster and better. They carefully remind the user of an important meeting, the deadline for the project, store notes, and connect with colleagues who are hundreds of kilometers away. However, when there are too many such applications, the convenience and safety of their use are in question. The best solution may be the introduction of a corporate social network – an integrative system that works on the principle of “all in one”.

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