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15 things to do after car accident

Think carefully after car accident

Oh no, that can’t be! – you exclaim at the moment when you realize that you were in a car accident. You refuse to believe, you are shocked. But it happened. And what you do next will depend on whether the world changes for you for the better. So, what …

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Hiding assets in bankruptcy are bad idea

Hiding assets in bankruptcy

Hiding assets in bankruptcy is really a bad idea. But people often try to hide assets while filing the petition. Better you contact a bankruptcy lawyer before doing anything nonsense. According to the law, when filing a bankruptcy petition, the applicant is obliged to provide full information about the assets …

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Brain development in early childhood

Brain development in early childhood

Brain development in early childhood is necessary for a better future. But what really develops a child’s brain? After all, all parents want their children to have high academic performance, to be able to somehow control their emotional outbursts, and it is better if they are less sick and able …

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A gallon of water a day to lose weight

gallon of water a day

The benefits of drinking water for human life is unquestionable. But as for weight loss, evidence-based medical science still does not know exactly how water intake affects weight loss. There is a perception that a gallon of water a day will help reducing weight. That is why we decided to …

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10 ways to cope with teen stress

teen stress

Teen stress can result in a variety of diseases in adulthood. First of all, children exposed to nervous loads are much more likely to have peers with SARS. Indeed, stress affects all organs and systems, stimulates the central nervous system to produce excessive amounts of the hormones cortisol and norepinephrine. …

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Autonomous cars: a very near future

Autonomous cars

Autonomous cars are becoming a reality. There is less and less time before various vehicles with autonomous control systems begin to surround us en masse. According to the forecast, by 2030 more than half of the cars in the world will be equipped with an autopilot system. So the hour …

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Li-fi: the new wireless technology

new wireless technology

Telecommunications are constantly innovating to offer increasingly powerful and effective solutions for users, as well as for the tools necessary for their management. One of those new technologies that have emerged is the Li-fi (Light Fidelity) technology. This is the new wireless technology for telecommunications. It is fast and low …

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Advantages of a mobile app for business

mobile app for business

Until recently the question was: does my business need a website? Nowadays a company that does not have a website is a company that has the days counted because if the competition has a presence in the network it will reach many more potential customers. In fact, it is no …

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8 steps to buying a used car: procedure

steps to buying a used car

According to statistics, about 40 million used cars purchased in the USA in 2018 increased by 11%. In 2018, this figure continues to grow. Such interest of fellow citizens in the secondary market of the automotive industry is due to the fact that a used car is much cheaper than …

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Accident insurance – whether it is worth it

is accident insurance worth it

Unfortunately, no one is safe from an accident. But to mitigate the severity of its financial consequences, insurance is possible. Accident insurance is relevant especially if you are going on a trip and take your children with you. Of course, there is accident insurance for ordinary life. But it is …

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