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Advantages of a mobile app for business

Until recently the question was: does my business need a website? Nowadays a company that does not have a website is a company that has the days counted because if the competition has a presence in the network it will reach many more potential customers. In fact, it is no longer conceived that an organization or city council does not have a web page to search for all its information. But now the question is whether your business has a mobile app or not. The tremendous growth of smartphone users is the key reason why you need a mobile app for business.

mobile app for business
There are many advantages of a mobile app for your business

The importance of a mobile app for business

Now that, thanks to the great technological development, the traditional information media are becoming obsolete. It is essential to create a digital marketing strategy using all existing channels. And this implies the use of a careful responsive website, that is, adapted to everything type of screens, have a presence in the main social networks, an email marketing strategy, and a correct search engine positioning. To all this, we must add a booming strategy, mobile marketing. And for this, you need a mobile app for business.

Smartphone has revolutionized the technology sector. It has opened new information channels and has even changed our habits. It gives us a feeling of always living with the phone in hand. And it is not for less because every day we use the alarm to wake us up, we receive emails, we share audiovisual content on social networks, we point things to remember, we look for information on the internet before deciding on the purchase of a product, we download mobile apps with those that can be made up to an online payment and above all we seek information about everything that comes to mind. For these reasons, smartphones can be considered devices that are very close to people. We rarely separate from them throughout the day. We could say that we keep the most intimate in them. And that’s where you want to take your brand, as close as possible to people, and you need a mobile app for business.

Before giving you more reasons to think about having your own app, you need to know exactly what it is and how it differs from a mobile-adapted website.

What is a mobile app?

An app, as it is commonly known, is a mobile application, software that is installed on smartphones or tablets and becomes part of them. Getting a person to keep your brand icon on their desk is to remind them at all times the existence of your business. That privileged place cannot be achieved by having only a responsive web since an app will run instantly when you touch its icon while to get to your website you will have to look for it in a browser. It may not seem important to you, but at this time when the trend is immediate and simple, having an app is an advantage that you should take advantage of.

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An app will have an interface completely adapted to mobile devices which will allow your customers to navigate through it with unsurpassed usability because all the content is organized to be displayed on this type of screens, making the mobile app much more manageable than the web responsive

In addition, if your app is in the main mobile app stores on the market, such as the Google Play Store, the Apple App Store or the Microsoft Windows Phone Store, you can increase the number of searches from mobile devices even more. This will eventually translate as a better SEO positioning in search engines.

Finally, think that when we are at work when we are bored when we are traveling when we consult our agenda or know the cinema schedule. We always look at our phone. It is clear then that your app will always be visible to your potential client.

Next, we are going to make a summary of what are the advantages of having a mobile app for your business.

7 reasons to have a mobile app for business

As it is mentioned above, there many advantages of having a mobile for business. Followings are some of the reasons why you have one for your business.

1. Your business always present

The main advantage for companies is to always be present for potential customers. Your app will become part of the user’s phone with all the benefits that it implies and will generate in the minds of consumers that your brand is always right there when they need it. Of course, you can invest all the money you deem appropriate in both physical and digital posters, brochures, flyers or advertising spots for television or internet but it will always be more economical and direct to have that special gap between the rest of the mobile apps of your Customers or potential customers.

2. Availability 24 hours 7 days a week

As mentioned earlier, when the app is installed on the client’s smartphone or tablet, it has it to be used instantly and at the time you feel like it, avoiding having to search your internet business where it may appear next to companies of competition, which can impair visibility.

3. Closeness

Everyone who has a smartphone spends more time using it than is really aware and practically does not take off from it throughout the day. Think about it, how far do you have it right now? Surely you have it in your pocket, in a corner of the table, or you may even be reading this article on it. We like to keep the phone always close to being aware of all the news, to quickly answer calls or messages. In short, to be connected to the large spider web in which we are all entangled. A mobile app for business will allow you to keep in touch with your clients.

Do not you think it is a very good idea that your business is within one of the most important and intimate objects of people?

4. Offer a user experience

The great success of mobile apps is to have an interface carefully adapted to the mobile devices that are currently on the market, which will mean that the client will easily navigate between all the content you can offer, whether text, images, animations or videos. In this way, we eliminate possible incompatibilities between browsers or players and offer the user an unbeatable experience.

Also, with mobile apps, we can use the device’s own tools such as location through GPS, camera, vibration or schedule notifications that will appear on the top notification panel of the smartphone or tablet. What’s more, it can be configured to work without being connected to the internet, and that wins by scoring a responsive web page.

5. Give the user a different content

Taking advantage of the tools mentioned in the previous section, you can consider offering a different content than what you offer on your website so that the user also finds it useful that your app is taking up space on your phone. Because it is possible that an occasional user prefers to enter the web page since they will find the same information as in the app. That is why you have to study very well the medium that is being used and find a way for the user to find content that is interesting to him.

6. Strengthen your brand

Apps are the latest of the latest. Every company whose values ​​are constant innovation and a commitment to a modern image should have an app that is proof of this.

It has already been mentioned before that the fact that your mobile app appears in the main application stores will produce that it is seen by many potential customers because they have millions of searches every day. And that will help your business to be well-positioned on the network, as searches on mobile devices greatly favor SEO, which will greatly contribute to the strengthening of your brand.

7. The power of push notifications

A mobile app for business gives you the ability to send push notifications. These are messages that are sent from a server to a mobile phone through the app. It doesn’t even need to execute each time. It is similar to SMS, but obviously without generating costs as they are sent through the internet. It is a way to activate the app remotely and maintains the user’s interest. These notifications open a new channel for effective communication with customers or potential customers.


Having a mobile app for business increases the commercial reach of your business and can perfectly team up with an updated responsive web page, presence in social networks and with traditional advertising channels. All this will create a strong image of your brand. It will give your user a unique and most important experience. You will feel part of a community that will surround your company where they can interact in real-time with you.

What are you waiting for to develop an app for your business? You will easily find a mobile app development company near you.

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