Chinese New Year: What should you know?

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is approaching and will come on January 25th. A quarter of the world’s population celebrates this event. Traditionally, this is the Spring Festival, people celebrate spring, nature awakens, and the earth and the sprouts of life stored by it come to life. It is a celebration of …

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From idea to business: 5 tips from Josh Kaufman

idea to business

Josh Kaufman’s book “MBA for himself” is included in all “master reads” that have been compiled by eminent experts in recent years. The reason for the popularity is quite understandable – the author claims that to successfully start your own business you do not need to spend thousands of dollars …

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Machu Picchu – My Travel Experience

Machu Picchu

It is simply amazing how many beauties exist on our planet. Given the general awareness, sometimes it seems that you know everything about everything. Well, at least about the most famous and vivid miracles, for sure. It turns out that this is not so at all. Until the moment I …

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4 Ways to Improve Your Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy

Today, we hear from each iron about the need to increase financial literacy and learn to understand at a sufficient level both in basic economic concepts and in the personal monetary situation. But how to do it? There are many ways to a conscious attitude to money, and today Liquid …

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15 things to do after car accident

Think carefully after car accident

Oh no, that can’t be! – you exclaim at the moment when you realize that you were in a car accident. You refuse to believe, you are shocked. But it happened. And what you do next will depend on whether the world changes for you for the better. So, what …

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Hiding assets in bankruptcy are bad idea

Hiding assets in bankruptcy

Hiding assets in bankruptcy is really a bad idea. But people often try to hide assets while filing the petition. Better you contact a bankruptcy lawyer before doing anything nonsense. According to the law, when filing a bankruptcy petition, the applicant is obliged to provide full information about the assets …

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