10 trends in mobile app design in 2020

trends in mobile app design

During 2019, many technical trends appeared: chatbots, virtual and augmented reality, voice assistants and so on. But what will be the new trends in mobile app design in 2020? 2020 is the best time to find the best ways people can interact with these technologies. There will be a huge …

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Chinese New Year: What should you know?

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is approaching and will come on January 25th. A quarter of the world’s population celebrates this event. Traditionally, this is the Spring Festival, people celebrate spring, nature awakens, and the earth and the sprouts of life stored by it come to life. It is a celebration of …

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From idea to business: 5 tips from Josh Kaufman

idea to business

Josh Kaufman’s book “MBA for himself” is included in all “master reads” that have been compiled by eminent experts in recent years. The reason for the popularity is quite understandable – the author claims that to successfully start your own business you do not need to spend thousands of dollars …

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How to make a black mask at home

black mask at home

Sometimes fighting with boring black dots on the face and trying deeply to cleanse the skin pores reminiscent of Sisyphean labor – we try our best, but there is almost no effect. But we can easily make a black mask at home and remove dark spots. You can easily make …

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Common Parent Mistakes When Raising Children

common parent mistakes

Someone makes strategic miscalculations more often, someone less often, but in any case, this path is thorny, purely individual, and no one is immune from misses. The main thing is that the common parent mistakes made when raising children in the family are not fatal when the wrong behavior model …

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